Interactions: Suggested questions

Last updated: Sunday, July 05, 2015

They may not apply to every situation you come across, but there are some questions you should be thinking about in practice.

The Medicine

  • Which of the drugs involved is the patient already taking? How long have they been taken for?
  • If there is an interaction, is there any reason why alternative drugs can’t be used to avoid it?
  • What is the indication for the medicines involved? This enables you to advise on alternative treatment if necessary, and sometimes the indication will affect the remedial actions required.

The Patient

  • If the patient is already taking both drugs, have any problems been identified or investigated?
  • Is the patient taking any other drugs?
  • What is the patient’s liver and renal function like? (This may affect clearance.)
  • Has a healthcare professional or the patient read a warning about the combination somewhere? If so, where?

Going Forward

  • If any monitoring would be required, who would do this?