Antibiotics: Learning Exercises

Last updated: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Antibiotics quizzes

There is a quiz to help reinforce your learning about antibiotics here. You can look things up if you need to. Please select 'practice' as your game mode then click Start Game. There is also a 'click and drag' quiz here.

Example clinical problems: Antibiotics

To help you think about the process of clinical problem-solving, we’ve provided three real clinical problems for you. Click on the link to download the Word document to write in, or you might just want to look at the scenarios and discuss them with your tutor or a colleague. For each situation, please consider:

• What background information would you need to gather if you were presented with this scenario in your practice?
• What sources of information would you use?

There’s no need to research a full answer unless your tutor instructs you to, but you could make notes on these scenarios and record them as a CPD exercise if you wish. Once you’ve had thinking time, you can see some suggestions we’ve made in response to each scenario here.

Additional learning 

If you need a basic refresher on antimicrobial resistance, then try this e-learning programme developed by Health Education England in collaboration with Public Health England and NHS England.

Do an enquiry in a Medicines Information (MI) centre

If you have access to the MiCAL training package (subscription required) you may like to undertake question numbers 1 and 10 in its database of example MI enquiries, which involve scenarios where an antibiotic-related decision is required.