General questions

Last updated: Friday, August 10, 2018

There are some general questions that you may need to ask someone if you are advising them about medicines.

These will depend on the situation. For example, you may ask different questions if you’re speaking to someone you don’t know over the phone in the dispensary, compared to talking to a doctor that you know very well on your ward.

The questions you might like to consider include:

    • Are you asking me a general question, or is this for a specific patient?

    • Which medicines are you concerned about, and what are the doses?

    • Apart from the medicine you’ve asked me about, what other medicines is the patient taking?

    • Are there any other significant medical problems that I need to know about?

    • What is your name, and your relationship to the patient?

    • How should I contact you?

    • How clinically urgent is this, and when do you need an answer?