Pregnancy: Suggested questions

Last updated: Sunday, July 12, 2015

They may not apply to every situation you come across, but here are some questions you should be thinking about in practice.

The Medicine

  • How long has the medicine been taken for, when was it started, and what is the expected duration of treatment?
  • Has the woman taken the drug in question during a previous pregnancy?
  • What medication has the woman taken during previous pregnancies for any similar condition?

The Mother and Fetus

  • Is the woman actually pregnant now, or planning to become pregnant? (i.e. prospective or retrospective exposure).
  • How many weeks pregnant is she now?
  • Has the woman had any previous pregnancies and what were the outcomes?
  • Is there a family history of malformations or history of recurrent abortions?

Going Forward

  • Is treatment essential? Can it be delayed?
  • Would non-drug alternatives be appropriate?
  • Have any different medicines been tried, or could they be considered?
  • Have any investigations been performed or are they planned (e.g. ultrasound scans)?