Renal: Next steps in learning...

Last updated: Friday, August 03, 2018

Your education as a professional never stops, but here are some suggestions to take you beyond what's on this site.

If you have an interest in caring for patients with renal disease, then consider joining the UK Renal Pharmacy Group. It’s an opportunity to make contact with colleagues with similar interests, share expert resources, receive training, and keep up-to-date. Most of the RPG website is only accessible to members, but the site provides a free beginner's guide to chronic kidney disease.

CPPE has links to useful resources via its Renal gateway page including an introduction to renal, a quiz, and core learning on Acute Kidney Injury which aims to raise awareness of the pharmacy team’s potential for preventing acute kidney injury in those at risk.

The Kidn-e Project is a collaboration between the Renal Association, the Royal College of Physicians, and e-Learning for Healthcare. Two interactive case-based modules cover the causes, assessment, diagnosis and management of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The Kidn-e programme is available to NHS staff in England via the National Learning Management System which is integrated with the Electronic Staff Record. Your tutor or education & training lead can show you how to access this.

The British Renal Society has an e-learning on its website about chronic kidney disease. It is aimed at GPs and requires site registration, but is free (click ‘Sign Up Now’ in top left-hand corner). It outlines the importance of CKD, and discusses the management of the condition and its complications including sections on drug therapy, diet, and patient counselling.