How to use the site

Last updated: Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Pharmacists need clinical problem solving skills to deliver medicines optimisation. The Medicines Learning Portal supports tutors and learners by:

  • Providing learning that has been mapped against GPhC learning outcomes for the foundation year.
  • Equipping foundation pharmacists with basic problem solving skills before diploma, and addressing topics not covered by diplomas.

Progress with learning and assessments

For trainee pharmacists we have designed a Track Your Progress document that lists the entire content of this site. You can download this Word document and keep it updated with your supervisor or tutor to provide evidence of your learning. It suggests which topics you should complete. 

Foundation pharmacists can use the same Track Your Progress Word document to provide evidence of completed learning, and certain subjects are recommended to you. 

Learning resources

This website comprises ten core clinical topics, seven additional specialist clinical topics, seven key professional skills, and an on-call training section. Every tutorial is dated, and we aim to update each one at least every three years.

PDF versions of every clinical topic can be accessed by going to the home page of each subject. None of these downloadable versions include any of the interactive learning exercises. Throughout the Medicines Learning Portal we remind learners to visit the myGPhC website to document learning as part of a CPD portfolio.

The following recurring learning resources are linked to many of the tutorials, but it may be helpful to find all of them here in one place:

Site map

The following site map may help you: