Management and partners

Last updated: Friday, August 10, 2018

Senior Project Team at Southampton Medicines Advice Service

  • Dr Simon Wills: project leader, concept and initial design, content co-author
  • Angela Badiani: content co-author, quality assurance, user testing and piloting
  • Jenna Power: web designer and IT lead

We would particularly like to thank all our colleagues at the Southampton Medicines Advice Service for their all their support, input, ideas, and kindness without whom this site could not exist: Helen, Jonny, Sam, Sean, Lauren, Josh, Mairead, Rachael, Nic, Laura, and Zahraa.

Website Partners

We are grateful to the various partners below, whose educational, managerial, and content support has made this website possible.

  • Thames Valley & Wessex Chief Pharmacists' Group 
  • Wessex Pharmacy Educational and Training Committee 
  • Health Education England (especially Wessex; London & Kent, Surrey, Sussex; and Thames Valley)
  • Sue Ladds (chief pharmacist), clinical pharmacy team, IT team, doctors and nurses at University of Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education
  • Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists' Group
  • Renal Pharmacy Group
  • UK Medicines Information
  • Injectable Medicines Guide
  • Medicines Use and Safety Division, Specialist Pharmacy Services
  • UK Clinical Pharmacy Association
  • British and Irish Porphyria Network, and the UK Porphyria Medicines Information Service, Cardiff
  • College of Mental Health Pharmacy
  • James Gardner, IT Consultant, AbbVie
  • Jon Brown, Open University 

Management Board

This website has a Board, comprising the following people:

  • Sue Ladds, Chief Pharmacist, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Mark Cheeseman, Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Beth Ward, Head of Professional Development, Pharmaceutical Society.
  • Anne Cole, Tutor, Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE), based in south west England.
  • Amanda Kemp, Regional Pre-registration Facilitator for East Midlands (Hospital Pharmacy), Leicester School of Pharmacy.
  • Alistair Gray, Clinical Services Lead Pharmacist, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.
  • Helen Bingham, Health Education England.
  • Simon Wills, Director, Southampton Medicines Advice Service.

The Management Board functions as a springboard for sharing and discussing new ideas; it helps engage specialists to write and check content; it approves workplans and the annual report; it advises the project team on any concerns or sensitivities involving the website; and the members act as regional and national ambassadors for the Learning Portal.