On-call scenario 3: Introduction

Last updated: Wednesday, June 05, 2024

 Hi, it’s one of the doctors in medicine. I’ve got a patient who needs IV co-trimoxazole. They’re currently fluid restricted, so I wanted some advice on how the co-trimoxazole dose should be diluted please?"

You ask a few further questions and get the following information…

Caller: Jack Cohen, FY1, ext. 7056.

Patient: Mary Dodd, hospital no. 1659982, age 60 years.

Medicines: IV co-trimoxazole 4.4g QDS. Also prescribed furosemide, ramipril, bisoprolol and omeprazole.

Clinical problem: Patient is being treated for pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP/PJP). The microbiology team have suggested using IV co-trimoxazole 120mg/kg in divided doses, and the patient weighs 147kg. The patient has a history of heart failure and is overloaded, so the doctor is concerned about the volume of fluid needed to administer IV co-trimoxazole. The patient has a single lumen peripheral line in situ. 

Renal and liver function are okay.
You tell the doctor that you will look into it and then call them back shortly.
Which resources might you use for this type of question?

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