On-call scenarios

Last updated: Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Sometimes you will be called upon to carry out an agreed protocol when you are on-call. For example, perhaps your Trust has procedures for supplying medicines out-of-hours or for dealing with a product recall. However, you will also be faced with clinical problems to solve during your on-call hours, in the same way as when you work during the daytime. We're going to present you with a range of scenarios to help you prepare for this clinical problem solving role. Read the scenarios, answer the questions for yourself, and then compare your answers to our suggested approach.

Bear in mind that the answers we give here are simply suggestions: they are not recommended examples of clinical practice, and should not be used outside the context of this training.

You can work through the scenarios in order by clicking on 'Next Page' below, or you can select them individually from this list. Alternatively you can download a PDF version.

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